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In this department customers find immense variation in products and services. The supermarket has 35 employees and offers everything you need for your family, and also has an all-terrain vehicle for deliveries.


We have a building materials sector, where you can find all the necessary supplies for your projects and extensions. The construction materials sector has a fleet of vehicles for delivery.

In the area of agricultural spare parts, there is staff available 24 hours a day to provide the farmer whatever the parts necessary: batteries, oils, fire extinguishers, and accessories or parts of agricultural implements.

It also has two stations in the region, providing an excellent fuel ECOP network.


The Cooperative works seamlessly with partners in its intensive animal farming pork program to provide balanced livestock feed, technical support, administration, transportation and sales. The producers themselves are responsible for the care of animals.

- The fattening period ranges from 90 to 100 days.

- The initial weight of the pigs is 44 to 55 pounds, with an average final weight of 231-254 pounds.

- The average number of fattened animals per month is 1200 heads, all hybrid Landrace pigs, Large White pigs, and Pietrain pigs.


This area of the cooperative has Medical Veterinarians, highly trained professionals who give technical assistance and people with Agricultural Technical Bachelor’s degrees specializing in this area, in addition there is an area intended for the sale of food stuffs and veterinary items. Also, in this sector the cooperative works with artificial insemination and reproduction. This branch of the cooperative gives training talks and exercises to partners on the land of the respective pig farmer.

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The Cooperative has a milk coupler with a capacity of 4,500 gallons, and 2 truck collectors with a capacity of 1.321 each.

- Total Partners and Customers in our dairy business are 57 producers.

- We are stockpiling 2,114 gallons per day.

- We sell to the Colonias Unidas Cooperative.

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