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Currently it has a static capacity of 200,000 tons; 175,000 tons in the central plant and 25,000 tons in the Amambay plant.

In 2009 the building structure of the 2nd Plant has been expanded, there are 10 newly built foundation tubes to receive soy, wheat and corn, wherein said cereal receives a special drying treatment , with a modern automated system called Air Master, the product avoids contact with smoke and thus achieves a higher standard .

To complete the drying process, we use a remote aeration control which allows us to follow the process in real time, 24 hours per day.


Always maintaining the promise of offering the best service possible to our partners, in 2010 it was decided to acquire a warehouse in Amambay, Caazapá. This warehouse has a static capacity for 25,000 tons, where in addition to grain storage service; technical assistance is provided, and equipment and fuel sales to the partners.

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